I’m on the highway now

Every step I take affects my e’s. Yes I am becoming more eCapable.

eCapability is very much linked to eConnectiveness mixed with liberal splashings of time and effort – you initially acquire some motivation to want to explore and understand how digital technology has the potential to, and is, changing how we learn, work, socialise and play. That motivation puts you on the e learning pathway and you quickly realise that it is a never ending road because digital technology is changing so rapidly.

My first steps started in 2009 when most of the staff at Cobram Community House participated in a Web 2.0 tools online course. Since then I have taken the opportunity to participate in other eSkills learning opportunities related to using technology in education. Most of these opportunities have had some online component and through activity online I have made connections with others on similar journeys. Some connections are made via social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Ning groups and email. Through these connections I am able to share knowledge, participate in group discussions, seek understanding and be introduced to content and ideas that may have otherwise passed me by. These connections are a significant part of my learning network.

Through my recent involvement in the Hume ACFE eMentor program, the eSkills Mooc and through my online learning network, I am now significantly more eCapable than I was in 2009. I now consider myself to be on a digital highway with my destination in front of me, surrounded by fellow travellers who are travelling along with me at various speeds and who have their own destinations. Collectively we are sharing and learning together as we journey the learning highways. I’m the driver of my own learning vehicle and I may take a few detours along the way. Where is your journey taking you?