More about my support network and how I am going to strengthen it

My support network consists of actual people I see face to face(family, friends, peers, supervisors, etc ) as well as the online connections that I have made to learn from, communicate with and share thoughts, experiences and resources with. This online part of my support network is what I am now going to specifically concentrate on strengthening. I am going to concentrate on a few Communities of Practice that best suits my interest area and involve myself in discussion groups and increase my learning through reading and participation. I am also going to continue to read blogs that interest me via Google Reader but in future I am going be a bit more interactive and leave a few comments. Twitter is my new friend and I am going to utilize its benfits to help me keep informed , learn and stay connected.
I will still endeavour to strengthen and cultivate my physical network through engagement and open dialogue. Wish me well.

Photopeach – Where is Ms Lizzy?

During my exploration into Web2.0 tools I had a play around with Photopeach which is an easy to use slideshow application. Here is the link to what I created. I could not download it because I was using the free version. The paid version is $3 per month. I found this application through the Go2Web20 site which is great resource of quick links to numerous web2.0 tools. It has been sorted into categories to help you find an application easily.

The Train is pulling in at the station

I am nearing a destination stop. The end of the course I am doing. But it is not the end of the journey. What I have learnt during the past few weeks has awakened me to the benefits of cultivating strong support networks and developing and remaining actively involved in a professionl learning network. I am also seeing the benefits of using a model based reflection approach to think about incidents that happen. The art and skill of being able to give and receive feedback is also being considered more closely.

A closer look at my SN



I am, by nature, a solitary person. I value my own time. I do not want to be expected to go out socializing when I would rather be doing something that is more important to me. This solitary part of my nature flows through to my working world. I do not purposefully set out to establish close personal support networks. That is not to say that I don’t, because I do.  I actually think that it is sometimes not a good thing for very close friendships to establish in the workplace.

Now having said all that, I will seek help and advice if I think I need it; I will praise where I think that praise is certainly due;  I will listen; I will give feedback if asked (and sometimes if not asked as well); I will think about things and happenings  – So it may be said that I do connect, give feedback and reflect but not in a structured and proactive way.

My diagram

A visual success of making those connections

Today I did a Google search for refelctandconnect and then had a look at the Wonderwheel.

 Congratulations to both Penny and Ian for getting listed on the first page of the search. They have obviously worked hard to make the necessary connections required to create this web presence.

 In this rapidly moving knowledge area it is important to create connections so that you can keep up with trends and adavancements. Going solo would be such a hard and time consuming slogg. The forums that we may participate in, the knowledge banks that we may access, the learning opportunities that we may take advantage of, the relationships that we may develop, the networks that we may create will help keep us abreast with developments and so increase our potential for  professional development.


I’ve gone global

Today I checked where my blog reads were coming from and as predictable mostly in South East Australia . However I have had one from the following three counties – Germany, Taiwan and the United States (West Coast). This is an insignificant little blog with very little tagging going on and yet- it has a world wide audience. The power of global connectivity.

I am now using Diigo but I have not yet deleted my Delicious account as the wheels of change sometimes turn slowly for me. I retain loyalty for my trusted friends. I think I saw something to say that I can put my links into both social bookmarking tools similtaneously. I will check that out once I have made some serious inroads into my reflect and connect commitments this weekend.

It looks like it is going to be a magic weekend- If you read this- ENJOY!

Ms Lizzzy's lookin a bit blue

Back to the wondrous wiki


I cordingly invite you to join our wiki space at
Do so before the end of the course and I will give you organiser rights – yes that’s right;  you will be able to add, edit, delete, explore and play- and all in the name of collaborative learning. Now I don’t expect you to play around too much during the course – we are all so  busy busy busy. The wiki will be left up there in cyber space for us all to experiment and check up what each other has explored or commented on. I hope this will become a valuable playground for us all and I hope that you will not be shy experimenting with it or adding to our collective knowledge within it.
Do I have a motive for this? – sure have.
I want: I want: I want:
More pages
More links
More thoughts
More experimentation

a new name – any suggestions please?



reflections can be deceptive. They may warped or distorted by lighting, angle, state of the mirror medium or merely by interpretation. They may not be at all what you initially think they are of.

So to can the clarity and truth of our own reflections be hinderd by lack of process, lack of objectivity,  bias or inability to be self judging honestly.

 Listen here audio1reflect

 In our notes this week was a link to an absolute gem – see it here-