More about my support network and how I am going to strengthen it

My support network consists of actual people I see face to face(family, friends, peers, supervisors, etc ) as well as the online connections that I have made to learn from, communicate with and share thoughts, experiences and resources with. This online part of my support network is what I am now going to specifically concentrate on strengthening. I am going to concentrate on a few Communities of Practice that best suits my interest area and involve myself in discussion groups and increase my learning through reading and participation. I am also going to continue to read blogs that interest me via Google Reader but in future I am going be a bit more interactive and leave a few comments. Twitter is my new friend and I am going to utilize its benfits to help me keep informed , learn and stay connected.
I will still endeavour to strengthen and cultivate my physical network through engagement and open dialogue. Wish me well.

Photopeach – Where is Ms Lizzy?

During my exploration into Web2.0 tools I had a play around with Photopeach which is an easy to use slideshow application. Here is the link to what I created. I could not download it because I was using the free version. The paid version is $3 per month. I found this application through the Go2Web20 site which is great resource of quick links to numerous web2.0 tools. It has been sorted into categories to help you find an application easily.

A closer look at my SN



I am, by nature, a solitary person. I value my own time. I do not want to be expected to go out socializing when I would rather be doing something that is more important to me. This solitary part of my nature flows through to my working world. I do not purposefully set out to establish close personal support networks. That is not to say that I don’t, because I do.  I actually think that it is sometimes not a good thing for very close friendships to establish in the workplace.

Now having said all that, I will seek help and advice if I think I need it; I will praise where I think that praise is certainly due;  I will listen; I will give feedback if asked (and sometimes if not asked as well); I will think about things and happenings  – So it may be said that I do connect, give feedback and reflect but not in a structured and proactive way.

My diagram



reflections can be deceptive. They may warped or distorted by lighting, angle, state of the mirror medium or merely by interpretation. They may not be at all what you initially think they are of.

So to can the clarity and truth of our own reflections be hinderd by lack of process, lack of objectivity,  bias or inability to be self judging honestly.

 Listen here audio1reflect

 In our notes this week was a link to an absolute gem – see it here-

What a wondrous wiki week

Team B has spent the week evaluating the use of a wiki for learning and professional development. We started by creating our own wiki.

Being time poor we could not spare enough time to play around enough but we did get enough time to realize the tremendous potential of the wondrous wiki. As a collaboration tool it is indeed important.
A wiki is a group of web based created wiki pages that are hyperlinked together to form a wiki.
A wiki is free and easy to create initially. You do not need any expertise in HTML and because the wiki is web based it can be easily and quickly updated and edited 24/7.

 As a professional or personal development tool the wiki allows the creator to load and store files and documents within the web based wiki. If permissions are given online collaboration can occur and the documents edited and added to. The wiki can also be used as a online storage area from which files can be shared globally via the internet. It can be used a s a networking tool.
As an educational tool the wiki ideally should be engaging and therin lies a problem initially. It may take some considerable time to learns skills for other web 2.0 tools that can be utilized within the wiki. Once those skills are obtained though updating engaging content becomes a lot quicker and easier. An educational wiki may allow for student/ teacher/ parent communication, global learning and collbaoration, resource and student work storage, showcase of student work and continual knowledge base development.

Due to its collaborative nature it needs to closely monitored to minimize any content vandalization or inappropriate postings. This is a concern for education wikis especially. The editing capability of the wiki pages can be controlled by the wiki organisers (members who have been given control rights).
A limitation of the wiki is that the information it holds is only as accurate as the source it came from. If that information was false, incomplete, outdated or misleading so it will be in the wiki. Sometimes information may be misrepresented within  a wiki so it is importanted to look for information citations if you want to be able to rely on web based readings. P rivacy may also be an issue especially for both the education field and business.

The adavantages of using a wiki may have  the potential to increase productivity, organization, information sharing  and  collaboration. Its advantages out weighes its disadvantages.

Hail the wondrous wiki!

Its time for My E-idea Statement

My E-idea Statement

To increase web 2.0 knowledge and develop an e-portfolio.

In doing so I will explore and learn to use specific Web 2.0 tools.

Action Steps

Step 1:Design e-portfolio


 A. Resources Available: YNH Services Mahara platform

 B. Resources Needed: Input documents, tools creation skills

Potential Barriers
A. What problems could occur with this step? Time limitations and time delays
B. What might you do to overcome them? Commence a.s.a.p and seek help

Step 2:Select Web 2.0 tools to utilize


 A. Resources Available: Online tutorials, examples and information

 B. Resources Needed: Support and advise from knowledge holders

Potential Barriers
A. What problems could occur with this step? Time limitations. Too many tools to choose from.
B. What might you do to overcome them? Select well known tools with good online support.

Step 3: Construct contents of e-portfolio


 A. Resources Available: Online training – tuorials, viseos and examples.

 B. Resources Needed: Mentoring and Critical appraisal and recomendations.

Potential Barriers
A. What problems could occur with this step? Some Web 2.0 tools selected for presentations may not be compatible with suite of tools used to create e-portfolio
B. What might you do to overcome them? Use well known tools- creations should be engaging, clear, concise and not embedded with too much “bells & whistles” 

Step 4: Review and proofread.


 A. Resources Available:Online spell checkers etc

 B. Resources Needed: Human appraisal

Potential Barriers
A. What problems could occur with this step? Inability to correct already embedded content.
B. What might you do to overcome them? Proof read and look for imcompatabilities from the start of the creation.
Evidence Of Success (How will you know that you are making progress? What are your benchmarks?)
The online presence of my e-portfolio will be evidence that I am making progress. I will compare my developing e-portfolio to those of others that are viewable online.

Evaluation Process (How will you determine that your goal has been reached? What are your measures?)
I will determine that my goal has been reached when I get advice from my trainers and mentors that my e-portfolio is suitable for its purpose.

My switch from Delicious to Diigo

I have been an avid fan and user for about 2 years. I was happy with the tool but the rumour that it may become a thing of the past unsettled me. I immediately saved all my bookmarkes as html but my loyalty to delicious did not stop me using it. I have however, now explored other options such as evernote and diggo. This video about diigo on vimeo has just about convinced me that I should change over. I wonder what your social bookmarking tool of choice is and why?


E-portfolios -the journey begins

I am embarking on a journey and will explore the creation and useage of e-portfolios using Mahara. I will be accessing Mahara through the YNH Services moodle- online learning management system. The e-portfolio will be used as a repository for my working and learning evidence and reflections. It will be an online space where I can digitally store, organise and present the things and thoughts that I put into it to and for various audiences. This learning journey is an accredited unit CHCORG428A – Reflect on and improve own professional practice. During this course I will reflect on my own practices, undertake self evaluation and interact with class peers and trainers in order to continue to develop personally and professionally.

This blog will be used to both reflect and comment on what I am learning. It will be an avenue for readers to leave comments and give feeback on my blog posts.

I hope that my “penchant for pigs” does not annoy you.