To Dropbox or not to Dropbox – that is the burning question

I found out via a tweet from Junita that a request to investigate Dropbox has been submitted to USA Federal Trade Commission. Could this be the end of Dropbox?
So off I went searching for more information. I looked at what Dropbox was saying themselves and what a few others were saying

If cloud storage is going to be affected by worries of file security I wonder how that will affect the uptake of the soon to be available Chromebook computers. These look like nifty lightweight computers that will offer lots of advantages over our desktop machines. However there may be a downside because the use will be goverened a subscription payment and cloud storage.
I like what Dropbox can do as regards to easy access to files and I hope that I can continue to use such a service for free with confidence that my privacy is not compromised.

Starting to collect and share my knowledge

We have decided to have a technology luncheon once a month at work. This will be an opportunity for staff to learn from each other and share both experiences and new findings. The first topic is going to be “dropboxing”

The first introduction will be to both DROPbox & as these two services can work together as a team in regards to file storage, access and sharing.

I hope that through these events that other staff will become as enthusiastic about web2.0 tools as both Paula and I are beacuse Web2.0 tools have great potential or giving productivity effeiciences, presentation creativity and lots of other benefits as well.

More on developing my Professional Learning Network

Before I undertook this course I did not have a structured online professional learning network (PLN). To find information I used RSS feeds to read blog posts from people I liked to follow and I surfed the net and saved things I was interested in to my account. This surfing also increased the amount of information coming into via RSS feeds to my Reader. My research was rather ad hoc and I was just a looker. I did not participate in any dialogue.  This course has taught me that to learn and grow I need to be more participatory both online and offline. It is dialogue, feedback and reflection that is combined with prior knowledge to create new learning.

In an effort to develop my  PLN I have become a member of several Communities of Practice (CoP) where I can access information, contribute to discussions, share resources and establish, strengthen and maintain relationships. I joined –

Classroom2.0 online  

 as well as  Learn Central 

and E- learners  Gippsland Region.

 I have also established a Twitter account @lizzyslinks to both glean and spread information and comments. My blog and facebook page also give me an avenue to connect and share.

BLOGGING- my experiences

I have come to realize that a blog is not just an online diary or online publishing. Blogging is more like a dialogue because someone comments via a blog post and others post comments about that blog post. Those comments can be encouraging, questioning or agreeing and the ability to comment and re comment extends the initial entry into a dialogue. Comments are feedback and can provoke further thinking and learning. It is a good idea to post replies to the comments you receive on your blog because it helps to make and establish connections.

Thought needs to be given to the creation of blog posts if they are going to be meaningful to others. Blog etiquette rules should be considered. Things like good grammar, respecting copyright and being careful about what information you share are important. Being able to accept feedback gracefully and thoughtfully is also important.

Blogs posts can be prepared in advance or off line and posted at a later time. A blog can be a repository as well as a diary and it can be an avenue for you  to communicate with others outside your immediate network .By being a blogger -it makes you a global digital citizen- out there for all the world to see.

Reflection – experimenting with Veezzle

I have signed up with Veezzle – a free stock photo search engine
Port of Liverpool building - reflection on black marble revisited © Liz



© Liz

This photo makes me think that reflection is thinking about things in different ways, from different angles, bit by bit to find new meaning and understanding. And no – the Liz who took the photo is not this Liz.

 I have tonight put my critical incident into the forum. Feedback appreciated.

Reflection and reflective practices

I think a light has just been turned on!

This course has made me realise what a solitary and insular person I am or have become. I keep myself within my own four walls; I think about what I do and how I do it; about what happened and why; about what I do and how I could do it better- but I do not purposefully engage with others to help me deepen my understanding through feedback. I do not seek evaluation of my performances from others and up until this course it did not bother me that I had not actually had any formal staff appraisal since my job in the State Bank of Victoria in 1987. Self employment is some of the reason for this situation. That process of reflecting on my performances and interacting with others who can help me build on my strengths and achievments, I now realise could have benefited me. I could have interacted more effectively to estalish both trust and respect and build and share wisdom. Perhaps I need to find someone who will both support and challenge me, as I go forward, to improve my reflective practices and learn to accept and give feedback so that I benefit both personally and professionally and change the areas of my interactions that I have now identified need changing. If I practice this new skill I may be able to deepen my understanding of what I know and how I apply it. This will enable me to constructively think and then act in an effort to improve my work performances. This may lead to the development greater appreciation, understanding and expertise.plug-in-nl-pig Image from Burchetta Hotglass Inc.

Damnation Damnation Damnation!

Having put in some serious thought and crafted the sections of goals of my resume within Mahara- I forgot, yes, I forgot to press save at the bottom of the page. What a waste of my time. I was so angry with myself. And I had it firmly in my head that I had to remember to save before going on to the next tag so I can just try harder next time to think before I move about within my ePortfolio.