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Let me start by saying that Wikipaedia annoys me when I am searching for imformation on the web. Yes I sometimes find some interesting stuff there but can Wikipaedia be regarded as a good research tool for students. I sometimes wonder? I looked at a few wikis. I found the Westward school one to be a great example of how a wiki could be created to provide a learning space where info could be given and recieved, assessemnts given and posted, tests provided online for submittal. I really liked this site.
Another site was the Albany County Public Library staff wiki. This is also a good example of how staff can collaborately contribute to such things as work ideas, process development plans. It is also a space where information is readily available. There is a wealth of information linked to this wiki. I wished we had one of these where I work. Maybe a couple of us doing this course can initiate one.

Week 9 Rollyo

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I can see benefits of Rollyo in two ways.
1. A trainer could establish a search roll for a particular unit or area of study from which the students could access information from if the learners were directed to the searchroll via a blog or in learning material.
2. Personally I think that this may be a good tool to tidy up favouriites on several computers that I have. This would mean that in the future I could access the reference sites I had attached to immediately on the new computer once I made sure that I had imported all my browser bookmarks from the old computer(s) into my Rollyo searchroll.

I had a look at searchrolls we were directed to and from the quick quotes I got the following – Lawsuit: A machine which you go into as a pig and come out of as a sausage.
Ambrose Bierce
 There is one observation I would like to make here. Isn’t it waste of effort establishing a searchroll if you are going to the the entire web in the roll?

I had a go at linking my searchrol to my blog BUT with no success. I need to get this skill honed. Can anyone help me?


watermark To get this pic from the image generator site to here I had to save it to my “my pictures folder” then grab it from there. I could not figure out how to just grab it from the site and post it into my blog.

I guess this says it all.

I must remember- “Practice makes perfect” and “Use it or lose it” To really get the benefit of all these things we have been introduced to we really need to use them regulary and become familiar with what they can do – and explore the possibilities of what they could do for us.

Image generators

Today I have tried to be creative with an image geneator. Specifically I did a simple watermar. Previously I had played around with a comic strip generator, which was very time consuming> I can see apllications for some of this stuff – it is good to know that they exist. I will now go to my blog and try to add the watermark picture that I generated.

“Pirate Piggie” AAARRGGHHH!! — igoogle

"Pirate Piggie" AAARRGGHHH!!

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Let me tell you a bit about my experiences with igoogle. I seem to have 2 igoogle pages. I had ben playing around with it awhile ago but got sick of it. The latest igoogle page that I have set up has a clock, access to wikipedia, my google docs, and my rss feeds on google reader. I initially put another couple of gadgets on it but it looked too cluttered and they were simply not needed. It was good to have a look at what is available though. I tried to delete one of the igoogle pages but have had no luck yet- when I get some time I will get to it. I use different email addresses for different things and it may be that I have set them up with seperate email addresses. My observation about some of the fancy pages is that they are fairly bright and too “in your face” to be staring at all day. So of course my page is not one of those. No utube or games – just boxes, words and a pleasnt scenery strip along the top.

A Big PIG Family – delicious

A Big Family

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I am having a look at other peoples blogs tonight- very interesting. In the last few weeks I have looked at all the goodies at google and started a delcious site – How wonderful – what a bonus to have access to favourite sites from anywhere (not just one computer). I wished I had known about this when I was studying awhile back. I also accessed the “Linking for learning” link and saw Celliotts bookmarks – even copies a few that I though were interesting. Fascinating stuff. I have also had a quik look at the virtual world stuff – second life – but it does not really grab me personally. I can however see that it may be useful to create an avenue for a group ot students to interact in a gamesy sort of way. My grandsons love sites such as “puzzle pirates” and that seems to be a sort of virtual world game.
I am starting to get a bit annoyed with all the IDs and passwords and a few times have just given it a miss because of the access. I was warned about passwords – yes I know – BUT they are always troublesome for me as I have to keep looking them up. All the things that I am learning all still seem a little disjointed – I am sure that I am missing a connective thread somehow.

十二生肖之之猪 12 pig, Chinese Zodiac at Underwaterworld – uww_012

Just crusiing for more pig pics tonight. Not really a pig but it is cute. I’ve been very busy on the www looking at some the social networking sites and thinking about all the possibilities. I now have 2 friends on facebook. I am exploring the google apps at the moment and thinking about a google site. I came across a Syba signs seminar site on Ning. What I need to do most if decide where and if I can put all my access to facebook, blog, flickr etc etc all at one point. Anyone else done this yet?

Week 5 continued 5 (and last)

Well I have had a look at several Library myspace sites – University of Texas, Morrisville College, Glendale Public School, Salt Lake City Public Library and The Yarra Plenty (Teens). They all had similar headings which I gather is the way myspace is set up- sort of template driven. The Salt lake City one was the most conservative one and the Glendale Public Library had a games lab section. One of them had a background that was visible under the text and this made it difficult for me to read at times. I suppose it would be funky for some of the younger generation. Of the headings I feel that the blog, blurb, interests, friends space and the comments sections would be important because these sites are supposed to be customer driven,user friendly, ever changing online meeting places. Some sites had links to music and sites such as Flickr and most, if not all had search functions in them. I do not personally know of any libraries that have myspace pages however I did have a google for some. They came up as if they were personal spaces; I presume that is because myspace is predominately a personal application and your age and sex is requested when you sign up. I did not create a myspace page but may consider doing so in the future to organise some of my family history perhaps if I decide that it would be beneficial. Perhaps there may be something better suited so I will wait and see.

While doing this exercise I had a look at drupal and came across SlideShare (a very interesting site that I will explore more later) and also saw some other things that I may explore a bit more when I get a chance. They are listed here for my future reference -Frappr, eSnips, wayfaring, pluck, fark, digg, slashdot, furl, techorati, netvibes, pageflakes and mashup.  I have now listed 61 pig books on my Library Thing account. Some 10 or so books I could not find and so may manually add them later on after I have searched a few more of the 690 other sites available to search.