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I am having an affair with ..... my computer in cyber space. I am fascinated by tools, tutorials and howtos you can find online. It started with an exploration into web 2.0 tools and has broadened into all things "e-learning". I have been involved with registered training orgnisation in Victoria for about 15 years. I have seen our training grow and diversify and now I can see the great potential for online and blended courses to meet the learning delivery needs of our students.

Week 1 – My understanding of ePortfolios

badge1wordcloud080811This week I have learnt that there is so much to read about eportfolios to gain a thorough understanding of what they are. Having said that they can be what you want them to be – it’s your own story to create and curate. You decide what the purpose is and you decide how to present it and who to present it for.

I read a lot of Helen Barrett’s thoughts this week. The understanding that I gleaned in week 1 was that eportfolios are not just a collection of digital artefacts.
An eportfolio is two things.

They are firstly a process or workspace where you ( by using various digital and online applications) gather, organize and present your evidence, tell your story, document your history, state your attributes and reflect (and accept feedback) on your life’s, working or learning journey and contemplate and plan your future goals.

Secondly, they are a showcase or a product of the effort and thought you put into the process of developing it. They are a vehicle whereby you have the ability, using the stored collection, to identify and promote yourself, your skills, your values, your story.

Put more simply, they are a workspace for storing and organising your narrative and a vehicle for showcasing yourself to an audience.

I am claiming my first badge.

Should Google be my ePortfolio means of creation?

Now I use gmail alot (except at the moment because I have for the first time ever been temporarily locked out with an error 500 message), I have an iGoogle page as a result of my participation in the Reflect and Connect course I did in early 2011, I have connected my Google calendar with my Outlook calendar, I have created a Blogger blog as a vehicle for my lunch time learning presentations on using Web2.0 tools, I have created a Google site (only 1 page so far) to document my trip last year to France and I Google everything (not giving other search engines a thought) so it is obvious to me that I should consider creating an ePortfolio using Google. I want a smartphone and have been tempted by the iphone but because it cannot handle flash I am now leaning toward a Samsung Galaxy S or a HTC smartphone so Google again. My theory is that if I Google my life I will have less incompatability issues. Would anyone disagree?
Today I have been ratting around in the MOOC and especially Helen Barrett’s ePortfolio and the links contained therein. I came across the following Slideshare that I think is worth sharing with my readers.

Helen Barrett is an ePortfolio Guru. The world needs more people with passion for a topic like her who are willing to share their knowledge. From one of Helen’s links I also came across a blog post by Karen Barnstable listing some of the benefits of ePortfolios.

Making it visual

This morning I could not access my gmail account so I got into the MOOC and started to have a look at some ePortfilios in the gallery. Some people certainly spend considerable time creating the ePortfolios and ensuring that they maintain a degree of currency. An ePortfolio should be a living thing. This can be achieved via linking your blog to it and updatig skills and experience documentation evidence as it is aquired. That is the advantage of it being a “e” portfolio – it is dynamic.
Then I popped off to Twitter to check my tweets and send a tweet about my frustration at not being able to get into my gmail account. Thanks to Penny who acknowledged my cyberspace presence. While following links in Twitter I came across a comic creating tool and decided to have a play. I was really please with the results and it was very easy to use. Maybe I should have created it a week or two ago. See my results below.

How else could I use this tool?………. Any suggestions?

Here cometh the next learning curve – MOOC

epcopMooc I am about to participate in a MOOC. What is a MOOC I hear you say. It is a massive open online course and I am going to further learn about e-portfolios and be introduced to some of the tools that will help me put my e-portfolio together. I will get to understand eportfolios more fully. I already have an e-portfolio in Mahara but this time I have already decided that I am going explore all things Google in the creation of an e-portfolio. We had our first introductory Blackboard Collaborate session tonight. Most of my old friends from “Reflect and Connect” were there. Could you be interested too? If so here is a link to more detail https://sites.google.com/site/epcoplearnspace/

let the learning begin……

Something about Glogsters

Read this at Richard Byrne’s blog site.
I really enyoy reading his blog posts because they give a good overview and also tells about how you could apply the tool in an education setting. So this post is about creating glogs with Glogster. Glogs are poster like presentations that can have visual, audio, video and documents inserted. Can you see a use for both student or teacher?
Then select a video or two to watch and learn from

Now check out the glog I created and embedded into a previous blog post of mine. Click on some of the items and see what happens.

How would you use Glogster?

Now how about putting audio or video into a Glogster. Follow this link to see how to do it.

To Dropbox or not to Dropbox – that is the burning question

I found out via a tweet from Junita that a request to investigate Dropbox has been submitted to USA Federal Trade Commission. Could this be the end of Dropbox?
So off I went searching for more information. I looked at what Dropbox was saying themselves and what a few others were saying

If cloud storage is going to be affected by worries of file security I wonder how that will affect the uptake of the soon to be available Chromebook computers. These look like nifty lightweight computers that will offer lots of advantages over our desktop machines. However there may be a downside because the use will be goverened a subscription payment and cloud storage.
I like what Dropbox can do as regards to easy access to files and I hope that I can continue to use such a service for free with confidence that my privacy is not compromised.

Time to play

It is great to have time to play and explore. I have finished my course at YNH services now and I also finished my short course on photography at Cobram Community House yesterday. Today I have created a YouTube account and uploaded the Picasa video I created during the photography course. This video is made up of some of the photos I took. They are not all good shots but this video serves as a record for me of what I photographed during the duration of the course. Enjoy.

So you see- I am using skills I learnt in one course to help me showcase the evidence of my participation in the other course.