On that highway once again

Last time I was here I was somehow sidetracked and have just found my way again. Having started Learn Moodle in 2013 and not completing I decided to give it another whirl. Time is my problem ……. or is it time management?


LearnMoodle2013f1  f1LearnMoodle2015  This time I want a completion badge.

The resources, especially the videos, are really good and I do like the fact that we can download and use them. Many thanks!

I have created my practice course – Mooching around in Moodle 2.8 and tried to read forum posts that I thought may interest me. It’s challenging, yet interesting.

I played around with a feedback activity, added a couple of blocks to my course, changed the topic headings and inserted a chat room. The next thing for me is to perhaps create a book with multi media in it and also test some resources or activities that I have not explored before. Back to the task at hand.  I will be back!

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