Mapping the what, the why, the where

I am ready to claim my second badge now that I have selected a resource to share. I shared with the facebook group the tip on writing effective blogs.
Here I’ll share here also for those you have not seen it. This is such and important thing to hone and get better at because as one of the other MOOC members said “The blog is the soul”- it is our avenue to express thoughts and ideas and to participate in feedback.
I am having trouble uploading the badge. I saved it to my pics file and then tried to insert it as a pic- the message I got was “Missing a temporary folder” Has anyone got any ideas about what’s happening?

I have started a mindmap. Double click on the circles to expand it out. I have only done the “why” the “what” and now the “where” so far. What do you think?- comments most welcome.This spicynodes mindmap takes a little while to load in so please be patient.

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