Week 1 – My understanding of ePortfolios

badge1wordcloud080811This week I have learnt that there is so much to read about eportfolios to gain a thorough understanding of what they are. Having said that they can be what you want them to be – it’s your own story to create and curate. You decide what the purpose is and you decide how to present it and who to present it for.

I read a lot of Helen Barrett’s thoughts this week. The understanding that I gleaned in week 1 was that eportfolios are not just a collection of digital artefacts.
An eportfolio is two things.

They are firstly a process or workspace where you ( by using various digital and online applications) gather, organize and present your evidence, tell your story, document your history, state your attributes and reflect (and accept feedback) on your life’s, working or learning journey and contemplate and plan your future goals.

Secondly, they are a showcase or a product of the effort and thought you put into the process of developing it. They are a vehicle whereby you have the ability, using the stored collection, to identify and promote yourself, your skills, your values, your story.

Put more simply, they are a workspace for storing and organising your narrative and a vehicle for showcasing yourself to an audience.

I am claiming my first badge.

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