Should Google be my ePortfolio means of creation?

Now I use gmail alot (except at the moment because I have for the first time ever been temporarily locked out with an error 500 message), I have an iGoogle page as a result of my participation in the Reflect and Connect course I did in early 2011, I have connected my Google calendar with my Outlook calendar, I have created a Blogger blog as a vehicle for my lunch time learning presentations on using Web2.0 tools, I have created a Google site (only 1 page so far) to document my trip last year to France and I Google everything (not giving other search engines a thought) so it is obvious to me that I should consider creating an ePortfolio using Google. I want a smartphone and have been tempted by the iphone but because it cannot handle flash I am now leaning toward a Samsung Galaxy S or a HTC smartphone so Google again. My theory is that if I Google my life I will have less incompatability issues. Would anyone disagree?
Today I have been ratting around in the MOOC and especially Helen Barrett’s ePortfolio and the links contained therein. I came across the following Slideshare that I think is worth sharing with my readers.

Helen Barrett is an ePortfolio Guru. The world needs more people with passion for a topic like her who are willing to share their knowledge. From one of Helen’s links I also came across a blog post by Karen Barnstable listing some of the benefits of ePortfolios.

One thought on “Should Google be my ePortfolio means of creation?

  1. Google is good but Windows LIVE has a lot of the same resources for saving documents. Power point and Notebook with sharing with others for editing..Hangout(you tube, chatting and seeing others) is great with google plus Have you got it? Google plus has ability for individual videos on your site…

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