Making it visual

This morning I could not access my gmail account so I got into the MOOC and started to have a look at some ePortfilios in the gallery. Some people certainly spend considerable time creating the ePortfolios and ensuring that they maintain a degree of currency. An ePortfolio should be a living thing. This can be achieved via linking your blog to it and updatig skills and experience documentation evidence as it is aquired. That is the advantage of it being a “e” portfolio – it is dynamic.
Then I popped off to Twitter to check my tweets and send a tweet about my frustration at not being able to get into my gmail account. Thanks to Penny who acknowledged my cyberspace presence. While following links in Twitter I came across a comic creating tool and decided to have a play. I was really please with the results and it was very easy to use. Maybe I should have created it a week or two ago. See my results below.

How else could I use this tool?………. Any suggestions?

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