Starting to collect and share my knowledge

We have decided to have a technology luncheon once a month at work. This will be an opportunity for staff to learn from each other and share both experiences and new findings. The first topic is going to be “dropboxing”

The first introduction will be to both DROPbox & as these two services can work together as a team in regards to file storage, access and sharing.

I hope that through these events that other staff will become as enthusiastic about web2.0 tools as both Paula and I are beacuse Web2.0 tools have great potential or giving productivity effeiciences, presentation creativity and lots of other benefits as well.

3 thoughts on “Starting to collect and share my knowledge

  1. Special thanks I have uploaded files to my account. Most beneficial info Liz Most appreciated. I need to get a bit better organised.

  2. Hi Ian
    Dropbox is just great for having easy access to your files from anywhere. There is a 2G limit on the free storage space but you can get more free space for referring friends or “liking” dropbox on facebook. I have really only used it for this course and I also will be doing some more learning and exploring before our staff lunch event.

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