To Dropbox or not to Dropbox – that is the burning question

I found out via a tweet from Junita that a request to investigate Dropbox has been submitted to USA Federal Trade Commission. Could this be the end of Dropbox?
So off I went searching for more information. I looked at what Dropbox was saying themselves and what a few others were saying

If cloud storage is going to be affected by worries of file security I wonder how that will affect the uptake of the soon to be available Chromebook computers. These look like nifty lightweight computers that will offer lots of advantages over our desktop machines. However there may be a downside because the use will be goverened a subscription payment and cloud storage.
I like what Dropbox can do as regards to easy access to files and I hope that I can continue to use such a service for free with confidence that my privacy is not compromised.

Time to play

It is great to have time to play and explore. I have finished my course at YNH services now and I also finished my short course on photography at Cobram Community House yesterday. Today I have created a YouTube account and uploaded the Picasa video I created during the photography course. This video is made up of some of the photos I took. They are not all good shots but this video serves as a record for me of what I photographed during the duration of the course. Enjoy.

So you see- I am using skills I learnt in one course to help me showcase the evidence of my participation in the other course.

Starting to collect and share my knowledge

We have decided to have a technology luncheon once a month at work. This will be an opportunity for staff to learn from each other and share both experiences and new findings. The first topic is going to be “dropboxing”

The first introduction will be to both DROPbox & as these two services can work together as a team in regards to file storage, access and sharing.

I hope that through these events that other staff will become as enthusiastic about web2.0 tools as both Paula and I are beacuse Web2.0 tools have great potential or giving productivity effeiciences, presentation creativity and lots of other benefits as well.