BLOGGING- my experiences

I have come to realize that a blog is not just an online diary or online publishing. Blogging is more like a dialogue because someone comments via a blog post and others post comments about that blog post. Those comments can be encouraging, questioning or agreeing and the ability to comment and re comment extends the initial entry into a dialogue. Comments are feedback and can provoke further thinking and learning. It is a good idea to post replies to the comments you receive on your blog because it helps to make and establish connections.

Thought needs to be given to the creation of blog posts if they are going to be meaningful to others. Blog etiquette rules should be considered. Things like good grammar, respecting copyright and being careful about what information you share are important. Being able to accept feedback gracefully and thoughtfully is also important.

Blogs posts can be prepared in advance or off line and posted at a later time. A blog can be a repository as well as a diary and it can be an avenue for you  to communicate with others outside your immediate network .By being a blogger -it makes you a global digital citizen- out there for all the world to see.

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