Reflection and reflective practices

I think a light has just been turned on!

This course has made me realise what a solitary and insular person I am or have become. I keep myself within my own four walls; I think about what I do and how I do it; about what happened and why; about what I do and how I could do it better- but I do not purposefully engage with others to help me deepen my understanding through feedback. I do not seek evaluation of my performances from others and up until this course it did not bother me that I had not actually had any formal staff appraisal since my job in the State Bank of Victoria in 1987. Self employment is some of the reason for this situation. That process of reflecting on my performances and interacting with others who can help me build on my strengths and achievments, I now realise could have benefited me. I could have interacted more effectively to estalish both trust and respect and build and share wisdom. Perhaps I need to find someone who will both support and challenge me, as I go forward, to improve my reflective practices and learn to accept and give feedback so that I benefit both personally and professionally and change the areas of my interactions that I have now identified need changing. If I practice this new skill I may be able to deepen my understanding of what I know and how I apply it. This will enable me to constructively think and then act in an effort to improve my work performances. This may lead to the development greater appreciation, understanding and expertise.plug-in-nl-pig Image from Burchetta Hotglass Inc.

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