I’ve gone global

Today I checked where my blog reads were coming from and as predictable mostly in South East Australia . However I have had one from the following three counties – Germany, Taiwan and the United States (West Coast). This is an insignificant little blog with very little tagging going on and yet- it has a world wide audience. The power of global connectivity.

I am now using Diigo but I have not yet deleted my Delicious account as the wheels of change sometimes turn slowly for me. I retain loyalty for my trusted friends. I think I saw something to say that I can put my links into both social bookmarking tools similtaneously. I will check that out once I have made some serious inroads into my reflect and connect commitments this weekend.

It looks like it is going to be a magic weekend- If you read this- ENJOY!

Ms Lizzzy's lookin a bit blue

3 thoughts on “I’ve gone global

  1. Incredible Liz… I attend classroom 2.0 at 4am or 3 am on Sunday morning with people all over the world…Japan, America and India plus more. This Sunday is Collaborize session. It is global gone indeed

  2. Hi Liz, the global connections amaze me too.
    I love watching the flags appear on my flag counter as the months go by. I’ve now had visitors from 52 countries in 12 months.

  3. You are now officially a digital citizen. It is great when we find others are reading our blogs especially from around the world. It demonstrates that what we have to say is of interest.

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