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I cordingly invite you to join our wiki space at
Do so before the end of the course and I will give you organiser rights – yes that’s right;  you will be able to add, edit, delete, explore and play- and all in the name of collaborative learning. Now I don’t expect you to play around too much during the course – we are all so  busy busy busy. The wiki will be left up there in cyber space for us all to experiment and check up what each other has explored or commented on. I hope this will become a valuable playground for us all and I hope that you will not be shy experimenting with it or adding to our collective knowledge within it.
Do I have a motive for this? – sure have.
I want: I want: I want:
More pages
More links
More thoughts
More experimentation

a new name – any suggestions please?

4 thoughts on “Back to the wondrous wiki

  1. Hey Liz…what is the specific focus of your wiki?
    Knowing that will help to name it. eg mine is called Facing IT because its focus is how we can use facebook for teaching and learning.

  2. Hi Penny I like the name of your wiki Facing IT. Very creative.
    I think it will remain as a test site where we can try things out, comment on new tools, issues and the problems we are experiencing. So some possibel words to include in the name – test tools web2.0 IT team……

  3. Great to see the title the wonderous wiki, I certainly am in agreement there. A great idea to set up a wiki as a practice site, I look forward to seeing how it grows.

  4. I do hope Junita that I can find the time to get into the wiki and play and learn. We have to look at all these tools we are learning about and think about how we can best utilize them in various situations both professionally and personally.

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