Three Little Pigs

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I have learnt that originally programs were sold in software packages and we had to load them into our computers. Those software packages are now still purchased either as a physical package or a downloadable package. The way software is accessed is changing.

Web 2.0 refers to the next generation of web development where services and applications are accessed via online means , usually for free, and as it is used by us it develops. Web2.0 is database driven to a great deal and as computers users access and use the components the knowledge within the data base grows and the services to the computer user is tailored to meet users collective demands. Web 2.0 is platform based and it allows for collective collaboration, information sharing and interoperatability between computer users. It is creating online communities with common interests who sometimes link or find each other by using tags.
Some software is put on the web in it’s beta phase – ie less than completely developed and users who opt to use it unknowingly help the developers to further develop it. If an application is not well received or supported its devlopment may be discontinued. At present web 2.0 applications are generally free to the actual user because revenue is collected via online advertising. Some premium services sometimes incur a fee. I wonder if this will continue?

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