On that highway once again

Last time I was here I was somehow sidetracked and have just found my way again. Having started Learn Moodle in 2013 and not completing I decided to give it another whirl. Time is my problem ……. or is it time management?


LearnMoodle2013f1  f1LearnMoodle2015  This time I want a completion badge.

The resources, especially the videos, are really good and I do like the fact that we can download and use them. Many thanks!

I have created my practice course – Mooching around in Moodle 2.8 and tried to read forum posts that I thought may interest me. It’s challenging, yet interesting.

I played around with a feedback activity, added a couple of blocks to my course, changed the topic headings and inserted a chat room. The next thing for me is to perhaps create a book with multi media in it and also test some resources or activities that I have not explored before. Back to the task at hand.  I will be back!

Driving towards tomorrow

Well, it has been a while but I am now back on the learning highway. In March and April I did a Copyright course with P2PU and now I am about to start a MOOC on Moodle and also a MOOC on eLearning design.
I saw this infographic below and it suddenly hit me: Most of us in the modern world are all digital citizens in one way or another. Having a computer or a smart phone does not make you a digital citizen; using digital technology does; be it a smart phone, hands free home phone, TV or home monitoring system. Age demographics tend to influence how and how often we engage in the digital world as this infographic shows.
You will be hearing more from me in the next few weeks.

Data Footprints by Generations
Via: Wikibon Infographics

I’m on the highway now

Every step I take affects my e’s. Yes I am becoming more eCapable.

eCapability is very much linked to eConnectiveness mixed with liberal splashings of time and effort – you initially acquire some motivation to want to explore and understand how digital technology has the potential to, and is, changing how we learn, work, socialise and play. That motivation puts you on the e learning pathway and you quickly realise that it is a never ending road because digital technology is changing so rapidly.

My first steps started in 2009 when most of the staff at Cobram Community House participated in a Web 2.0 tools online course. Since then I have taken the opportunity to participate in other eSkills learning opportunities related to using technology in education. Most of these opportunities have had some online component and through activity online I have made connections with others on similar journeys. Some connections are made via social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Ning groups and email. Through these connections I am able to share knowledge, participate in group discussions, seek understanding and be introduced to content and ideas that may have otherwise passed me by. These connections are a significant part of my learning network.

Through my recent involvement in the Hume ACFE eMentor program, the eSkills Mooc and through my online learning network, I am now significantly more eCapable than I was in 2009. I now consider myself to be on a digital highway with my destination in front of me, surrounded by fellow travellers who are travelling along with me at various speeds and who have their own destinations. Collectively we are sharing and learning together as we journey the learning highways. I’m the driver of my own learning vehicle and I may take a few detours along the way. Where is your journey taking you?

One journey ends and another starts – that’s what life long learning is all about

The final ePcopMOOC webinar is on next week and even though I did not get all the badges I did enjoy what I did and also popping in and out of the MOOC to see what was going on. My learning did not stop with the MOOC but I was distracted by other opportunities that came my way. I’ve become involved in the ACFE ementor project for the Hume region, I have participated in 4 Mighytbell experiences, I have found a few online tutorials to watch, I dipped my toes into Change11. There is varietal free feast out there in cyberspace for those who want to learn and all to the thanks of people who are willing to share their knowledge freely via blog posts and online courses like MOOCs. To those people I say “Thankyou”.

Learning online is all about searching, collecting, curating and displaying information and also gaining an understanding of your new knowledge through reflection and seeking feedback. To learn effectively and efficiently in this way, I think, you have to figure out what Web2.0 tools work for you and select an aggregation of tools for your purposes. You will most probably want to share your knowledge or glean some knowledge from others through social networking sites like facebook, Google+ and twitter. You will most probably want to collect and curate that knowledge via applications like Diigo, Delicious, Evernote, Onenote, Livebinders, Scoop.It, or Searcheeze. You may also want to do some mindmapping with tools like Spicynodes, Pearltrees, Popplet or Mindmap42. Finally you may want to organize and display information and share it with others using tools like Glogster, Prezi, Slideshare, Wordle, Voicethread or a myriad of other options. There are so many tools to choose from and new ones are launched everyday and some also fail and die. It is sometimes hard to decide what tools you will use.
I think that what you need to do is to select an aggregation of tools and put them together, however you want, so that they work for you in your quest for gaining and sharing knowledge.
What do you think?
I really like Diigo. What is your most valued tool?


Where will I create my eportfolio?

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Thanks to Penny for the directions on inserting this logo. I have not managed to get it into the widget bar yet but will try again later.

Where will I create my eportfolio?
I made the decision very early on that my eportfolio was going to be cloud based. I have previously created an eportfolio within Mahara. Although I found it easy enough to populate with my evidence and create views and link my blog into it I want to be in total control of it myself. I created it as a requirement of the (Reflect and Connect) course and I used nearly all the allowable space. At the learning centre that I am associated with we have Mahara as part of our LMS platform and so I will continue to be familiar with it, I suppose.
I want to have total control on the access to my new and broader eportfolio and I want more space and that is why I am going to try a Google Sites eportfolio. The Digication option for Google apps for Education seems interesting for an educational institution to use but that is another story I think. I am going to use Google Sites. I have spent quite some considerable time absorbing Helen Barrett’s guides and now I am ready to get start the design mapping. Penny is going to make her blog the process centre or hub. Should I have a learning blog just for the eportfolio? How do I keep my personal and professional life separate? Does it matter that much as long as I am conscious of my potential audiences? So many things to think about, I think I will keep my private life separate from my professional and educational life.
How do I control access to my blog? In my Edublogs blog one option to restrict who sees what is to password protect certain posts. By doing this only a user who has the password you have allocated can view a protected post. I must endeavour to trial this option.
Not everyone has a computer at home or wants to be directed to a web address. Can I use an app like Joliprint in Google docs , Blogger or sites to enable the printing in A4 of my google site pages or my blog posts? If so, then perhaps what you are presenting online may be able to be available in printed form also. This may also be a good idea if you had to present yourself in the printed form for a job interview for example.
Can I links some view from my Mahara eportfolio to be accessible from my Google site, or should I or need to? I would have to do this from the Mahara platform. This option could be OK in the short term but no good in the long term unless I pay an annual subscription for my Mahra eportfolio to be hosted.
Do I need a wiki to store my artefacts? Can I link from one Google site to another? While flitting in the Helen Barrett resources in the Learnspace I read last night that the Google sites capacity is about 100mb but you get copious extra space for each Google app that you link to it. If that is the case, if I “Go Google” storage capacity concerns would be alleviated. I think that by being all or mostly Google I will have less compatibility issues but I keep thinking about what my Grandmother used to say “Don’t put all your eggs in the one basket”. So bearing that in mind I must remember to back my site up, if I can.

I have update my Spicynodes mindmap and that can be viewed on my August 20th blog post.

Just a small question or two

Would you agree with me? The members of the ePcop MOOC are thinkers who have a vision. That vision creates a need to learn. Through their enthusiasm to participate and collaborate within the MOOC they are helping each other to reach their vision and their learning goals. My learning goal this week is to find out as much as I can about setting up my eportfolio using a Google site and Google apps.

Mapping the what, the why, the where

I am ready to claim my second badge now that I have selected a resource to share. I shared with the facebook group the tip on writing effective blogs.
Here I’ll share here also for those you have not seen it. This is such and important thing to hone and get better at because as one of the other MOOC members said “The blog is the soul”- it is our avenue to express thoughts and ideas and to participate in feedback.
I am having trouble uploading the badge. I saved it to my pics file and then tried to insert it as a pic- the message I got was “Missing a temporary folder” Has anyone got any ideas about what’s happening?

I have started a mindmap. Double click on the circles to expand it out. I have only done the “why” the “what” and now the “where” so far. What do you think?- comments most welcome.This spicynodes mindmap takes a little while to load in so please be patient.

Driving it forward

So this is the “why” of my eportfolio. I want to create it to use as a workspace to aggregate the evidence of my learning, skills and experiences. I want to use that workspace to pull my PLN together, interact and reflect. I also want to be able to creatively manipulate it and use it as a flexible presentation tool.

The spokes in the wheels are the valued people in my professional learning network. The headlights are the mentors who guide me. The flexible steering is the ability I have to be creative. The web2.0 applications that I can use to create and display make it noisy and flashy. It’s re(a)d because I hope the written words are not neglected; that I will use them to reflect and particpate in feedback opportunities – to see and understand the journey so far and to plan and document my journey forward.
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These kids say it all

Having been interested in Web2.0 tools for the past couple of years and interested how the www has evolved from a static “read me – see me” knowledge bank to the engaging, interactive and communicative hub it has become, I have come to realise that education is not using the technology available to it to its fullest potential. Indeed there seems to be some reticence to uptake technology at both the teaching level and the organisational level. I sometimes wonder if they “just don’t get it”.
I came across this YouTube video today and I would like to share it with you.

What do you think? Are some “just not into it”, “too time poor to get into it”, or too comfortable in their current hole “to get into it”.